RESILIENCE (n): the ability to spring back, rebound or overcome adversity; achieving good outcomes regardless of life events or circumstances.

I am a trainer, coach, speaker, and consultant, supporting, motivating and inspiring schools and workplaces, teams and individuals to build resilience, grow in confidence and reach their potential.

Building resilience starts with greater self-awareness and developing an understanding of the practical strategies and regular practices that make us feel more capable as individuals, and leads to organisations whose members are more engaged, more productive – and more likely to stay.

I specialise in:

  • Working with individuals to enable them to overcome personal and professional  challenges and move forward with confidence and resilience.
  • Developing resilient leaders who can thrive in challenging situations, support and develop effective teams, and create a positive atmosphere of collaboration, learning and action.
  • Working collaboratively with schools to support students, staff and parents in developing resilience programmes that works for all stakeholders, based on a growth mindset, a positive ethos and culture, and preparing children and young people for life beyond school.
  • Working with organisations to put resilience and workplace wellbeing at the centre of their business agenda.


Recent clients include:

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