Helping people prioritise and build resilience is my passion.

I apply my accumulated knowledge and experience as a leader, teacher, trainer and coach  to put people first and create positive change in individuals, teams, schools and workplaces.

It all started with a conversation eight years ago.

My career roles to that point included an Assistant Head, English Teacher, Head of Year Seven and Head of Sixth Form. Returning to work after maternity leave to take on a whole school pastoral role, I wasn’t surprised when the school counsellor told me that a lack of resilience was the overarching challenge facing so many of our students. I knew she was right. I’d seen first-hand how that lack of resilience translated to the classroom – and beyond.

That single conversation changed both my thinking and my direction.

Mindfulness, self-care, and a whole-team approach emerged through my research as the most impactful strategies seen in resilience programmes around the world. Applying this learning to my pastoral role, I realised that we were solving problems on an individual level instead of proactively giving those tools to all of our students.

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Change is inevitable. Challenge, stress and self-doubt are too.

Giving our students the tools to navigate them became not just my priority but my purpose.

I developed a school-wide programme focused on resilience and emotional wellbeing. It was no longer a reactive approach to problems. We made it part of our everyday language and experience.

But it didn’t just apply to the students.

We all need to understand resilience – and how to build it.

“Pam’s deep knowledge and wide-ranging experience of this vital topic shone through.”

I asked myself:

  • What if we didn’t wait until we were overwhelmed with difficulties?
  • What if we shared the tools for coping with challenges with everyone?
  • What would proactive self-care look like in the workplace?
  • What if we celebrated the skills that foster resilience and wellbeing?
  • What if we worked together to change our ethos and culture?

I knew we needed a different approach.

Investing in solid foundations, rather than just patching over the cracks.

Deadlines, meetings and admin were always going to be on the to-do list. But I knew people had to be put first. So that’s what I did.

I launched my business and trained as a coach, specialising in the one area I knew from experience made the biggest difference – creating a strong foundation of resilience.

And for the last four years my passion in using that knowledge and experience as a leader, teacher, trainer and coach has continued to grow. As has my commitment to prioritising people and building resilience in individuals, schools, teams and workplaces.

It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. (Although I’m also a big fan of good books, long walks with friends and a cuppa, and a kitchen disco with my two sons).

“I am now actively using the strategies that we discussed and explored regularly duringmy working day and when faced with new challenges.”

I’d love to chat with you about how I can support you and your team to build resilience from the inside.

I’m a professionally and academically accredited coach. I trained with Barefoot Coaching, have a PGCert in Business and Personal Coaching and I’m an ICF Accredited coach at Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Level.