Mindfulness in schools is held back by the perception that well-being is irrelevant to the core business of the education system, despite its clear link with academic achievement. Nurturing children’s emotional well-being must be given much greater priority.

UK All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Wellbeing report, 11 September 2014

It’s impossible to ignore the growing concerns about the mental health of children and young people in this country.  Pressures to perform (in learning, on social media), to meet challenging targets, to balance the demands of work, family and friends, and issues around identity, self-image and relationships are taking their toll and presenting as absence, underperformance, stress, anxiety, and self-harm.

But these concerns aren’t solely reserved for students.

Recent figures around teacher absence through illness, along with reports of increasing stress levels, workload, and issues around recruitment and retention, tell us that both groups are struggling – and it falls to schools to take action: to build resilience for all members of the school community.

I work with staff, students, parents and governors to empower them with the tools they need to support themselves and others through the inevitable challenges, stress, change and transitions of life.

I offer:

🌟 Workshops for students

🌟 Training and workshops for staff

🌟 Talks for parents

🌟 1:1 coaching for staff

Previous sessions include:

🌟 Building resilience (Students and Parents)

🌟 Building resilience for you and your form (Form Tutors)

🌟 Compassion Fatigue (Heads of Year, School Counsellor)

🌟 Building resilience for you and your family (Parents)

🌟 Imposter Syndrome (Students and Parents)

To find out more about the benefits of building resilience in your school, and how we can work together to effect positive change:

Schools I’ve worked with include:

What schools have said…

“Pam’s deep knowledge and wide-ranging experience of this vital topic shone through. She’s an accomplished, engaging speaker, and managed to combine a thorough, research-informed exploration of resilience with some fantastic practical strategies to take away and put in place in our own lives and our own homes. Her interactive webinar was incredibly well received by our parent body and also the many staff who attended.”

Christian Saenger, Headteacher, Dumpton School

Pam delivered interesting and insightful talks on building resilience and Imposter Syndrome to pupils and parents here at Wycombe Abbey. Her engaging presentation and clear message, coupled with her understanding of schools and young people, ensured that audiences always left with plenty to think about and a new way of looking at the world.”

James Jones, Deputy Head Pupils, Wycombe Abbey

“Really inspirational. I liked the practical ideas for staff that can also be applied to the girls.” 

“I enjoyed reflecting and having positive conversations with colleagues.”

“The right balance of empathy with awareness and respect for challenges faced by different individuals.”

Building Resilience workshop for Form Tutors, Dr Challoner’s High School

After spending a morning with Pam building resilience and exploring mindfulness, I have witnessed so many positive language choices and  responses to children by our team of Forest School assistants; she has made such an impact in a short amount of time. I am hugely grateful for everything that she has done and hopefully will continue to do for us. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Al Burdett – Forest School leader, Danesfield School

“Pam is hugely inspirational and has changed the way I communicate with children. She has given me the tools, confidence and strategies to help support and promote resilience in our children.”

“Really enjoyed the interactive parts – useful to bring our own experiences and see how we can take away advice and insight back to our family in everyday life.”

“It made me reflect on my own resilience and how that impacts the way that I interact, particularly with my daughter.”

Resilience talk for parents, and workshop for parent volunteers, Danesfield School

Pam introduced a ‘Smile and Strive’ initiative in school which embraced staff as well as students. This placed an emphasis on ‘the positive’ in all aspects of school life, not solely the academic areas. This was highly successful because it was driven by an individual who truly believed in this ethos and reminded us how to handle the emotional and practical challenges ever present in the 21st century.

Pam Gale – Art Teacher and Head of House, Beaconsfield High School