Helping whole school communities become more self-aware, confident and able to cope with change, challenge and stress.

“Resilience. Our students don’t have enough of it.”

How many of your students are equipped to deal with all that life will throw at them? And what about your staff and parent community? Do they have the tools to support children and young people? Or even themselves?

These were the questions that compelled me to focus on resilience.
Pressures to perform academically, to balance the demands of schoolwork, family and friends, and to navigate issues around identity, self image and relationships are taking their toll on our children.

It’s leading to self-doubt, a lack of confidence, underperformance, stress, anxiety, absence and significant challenges to their mental health and wellbeing. But as teachers, school leaders and parents, we don’t all have the tools to help them – and we’re often struggling with our reserves of resilience too.

Teacher absence through illness, increasing stress levels, workload, and challenges around recruitment and retention highlight the need for change. It falls to schools to take action: to build resilience for all members of the school community.

“Pam is hugely inspirational and has changed the way I communicate with children. She has given me the tools, confidence and strategies to help support and promote resilience in our children.”

Here’s how I can help

I work with students, staff, parents and governors to empower them with the tools they need to support themselves and others through the challenges, stress and transitions of school – and beyond.

Using my knowledge and experience as a former Assistant Headteacher, pastoral leader and founder of our school’s resilience programme, I help to build resilience in  primary, secondary and higher education institutions in the UK and abroad through:

  • Workshops and webinars for students
  • Training and workshops for staff
  • Talks and webinars for parents
  • 1:1 coaching for staff

I’ll create a bespoke response to the needs of your school community. Over the past few years, topics for sessions have included:

  • Building resilience (Students) – including specialist programmes for 6th Form
  • Building resilience for you and your form (Form Tutors)
  • Compassion Fatigue (Heads of Year, School Counsellor)
  • Building resilience for you and your family (Parents)
  • Learning to live with Imposter Syndrome (Students and Parents)
“The right balance of empathy with awareness and respect for challenges faced by different individuals.”

Not sure where to begin, who to start with or how to squeeze it into an already packed school calendar?

No problem. I’ve been there.

Let’s start with a free Discovery Call for me to find out more about what you’re looking for – and for you to find out if I’m the right fit for you and your school.

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