New beginnings

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For 14 years, it’s been September rather than January that’s heralded the start of a new year for me, signalling the start of a new term, but a return to the familiar, a place where I had worked, taught, grown and had the privilege to lead, support and develop others.

Last year, September was about two new beginnings: one for my eldest son as he started Reception and one for me, making the decision not to return to school after my second maternity leave and instead choosing to leave teaching in pursuit of a different dream.

This year, that dream has become a reality, marking a new beginning for me – and my new business. Months in the making, but years in the learning, skills development and thinking, I can’t wait to get back into schools and workplaces, supporting the development of leaders, staff, students, teams and individuals, by continuing conversations on my very favourite topic: building resilience.

To follow me on this new journey, and find out more about what I’m doing, follow me here, and via @pamcottman on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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