What coaching has meant for my clients.

Life coaching

I found my time with Pam so nurturing and positive, she couldn’t have been more approachable or easier to talk to. I felt so “held” and safe when speaking with Pam. She helped to guide me when I was stuck, rewording/phrasing when I was unable to visualise or put into words what I was feeling or when I had lost my train of thought. Pam gave me such vivid insights and new ways of exploring my feelings about my challenging issues/ideas.  In the 3 sessions we spent together I didn’t once feel misunderstood or vulnerable in any way, despite discussing and facing my vulnerabilities. I left each session feeling lighter, taller, so positive and I feeling capable. Spending time with Pam was so calming and therapeutic even though we were discussing issues which previously/prior had such anxiety bound to them. My time with Pam was and is so valuable and has helped to shift some ideas I had which I was stuck on. She make me feel that I could achieve what I want and the outcome of our first session and topic has crossed that off as no longer a problem. 

Anonymous, Marlow

The balance in my daily routine between the things that make me feel great often gets out of kilter so I enlisted the help of a fantastic coach @pamcottman (magician!). Pam supported me to work through my plan and identify how I can practically achieve the balance I need…for my own sanity if nothing else…and what a shift…With a few simple changes I have already been to the gym twice in two days, find myself carving out 9 hours for great sleep (and little pre-sleey book read) for the third day in a row, having great food with my prep done the night before and still having plenty of time to do a good job – and more time than I had planned! Definitely magic.

Hannah, Glasgow

Career coaching

Although I actively sought out Pam’s coaching services I was still sceptical at the start regarding the benefits I’d see. After all, I’d been told I was good at informally coaching others so ‘what would I learn and what steps would I decide to take that weren’t already on my long to do list for setting up a business and taking a new career path?’. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I came away from all three sessions feeling energised, optimistic and ready for action. What I hadn’t appreciated was that writing a list is such a linear process. You can question yourself but ultimately you get so much more from talking to someone who is trained to listen and ask challenging, thoughtful questions. Pam helped structure our conversations with the help of useful models but let me take the lead on where to start each session and where to take the conversation. I realised that the more you voice ideas and concerns out loud the more you can build on or work out a plan to address them. I came away from my sessions with renewed confidence and purpose and was totally converted to the value of coaching. Thank you Pam.

Anonymous, Marlow

I went into coaching having a basic understanding of what was involved and eager to find out more. As our sessions progressed, I found them to be more and more helpful as I got into the ‘groove’ of what was involved and as I got to know Pam more. I found having the opportunity to think and discuss issues incredibly useful, particularly when sessions were conducted outside of my work environment. I am now actively using the strategies that we discussed and explored regularly during my working day and when faced with new challenges, I try to think back to our conversations as a way of helping me to consider the best ways to move forward effectively.

Louise Goodchild, Assistant Headteacher, Frieth School

Group coaching/ workshops

I found it incredibly useful. Imposter Syndrome is so deeply ingrained in my psyche and I have always struggled to override the gobbledygook it says to me. I now feel more equipped to fight it. THANK YOU!

Anonymous, Oxfordshire

I hugely benefitted from the range of exercises that we did and the amount of knowledge and insight that was offered. Thank you for creating such a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I felt very comfortable sharing my experiences and hugely benefitted from hearing from others.

Anonymous, Oxfordshire

I loved the Values course and can’t recommend it highly enough.I was about to start a new function in a new company and it really helped me arrive with a strong sense of my identity and values. When I’ve come across difficult people or situations since I can remind myself of these values which helps me ground myself and deal with the outcomes better. Thank you so much!

Andrea, Marlow

Just found the postcard from the end of your Values course tucked inside the book I was reading that day. That postcard is a really fab trick for getting people to remember what they learned and recapture the ‘fire in the belly’ feeling you get in a course setting but lose sight of in everyday mundanity. I used your prompt to write it as a letter to my future self of what I wanted to take away from the course and, speaking as the future self that found it a week later, it works 🙂

Anonymous, Bourne End

Pam hosted a fantastic session explaining what is meant by resilience and focused on how we can develop greater self-awareness (of our strengths, values, purpose and beliefs). She also talked about the techniques that can be used to enable us, and those around us to thrive.

I cannot tell you how many positive comments I received from everyone who attended this! Pam was a breath of fresh air and brought such a wonderful aspect to the day.

Sarah-Jane Cousins, @justalittlebuild and Founder of ‘Just a Little Instameet’

Resilience Reboot – online coaching course

At the start, I had an open mind about the benefits it could bring but I was perhaps a little sceptical about whether it would actually change my daily thoughts/routine. Now I feel the Resilience Reboot has equipped me with some important life tools to use and harness to help me ride the inevitable waves that daily life brings.

Pam’s course clearly draws on years of practical experience and learning in this field. She was a brilliant facilitator and led the group coaching calls in such an effective yet warm and friendly manner that I felt totally comfortable to share my thoughts with the group. I gained so much insight about myself and my needs by doing the Resilience Reboot course. Not many events are truly life changing. However, Pam’s course has definitely helped me create a life enhancing ‘tool kit’ to build and increase my resilience to help navigate life’s inevitable ups and downs. I can’t recommend the Resilience Reboot course more highly!

Anonymous, Chalfont St. Peter

I simply cannot speak more highly of Pam and her wonderful course. I always envisaged the Resilience Reboot online course to be an introduction to coaching for those new to the concept; a way of dipping your toe in the water to see what it’s all about with limited commitment.

I’m disappointed in myself for expecting so little and astounded and thrilled with how comprehensive it was despite the short duration. Pam was able to break down key tenets into bite size chunks while simultaneously packing her written materials and video calls with rich content. The result was an easily accessible and highly enjoyable insight into my own thinking and expert guidance in techniques to set about small but significant changes in order to understand how I could become the best version of me.  Of course it wasn’t always a comfortable process, but Pam’s natural openness and honesty about herself, her struggles and her successes immediately puts you at ease and encourages reciprocal behaviour in a ‘judgement free’ forum. 

This may only be a short course and always has resilience as its foundation, however it’s potentially so much more than that if you’re prepared to fully invest yourself. Pam’s insight on ‘values’ alone is life changing and worth every penny of the course fee. I cannot recommend Resilience Reboot with Pam Cottman more highly regardless of whether you are approaching it as a curious beginner, hardened sceptic, or just someone who feels like they have lost their way. 

Anonymous, Marlow

Pam’s resilience reboot course is insightful, thought-provoking, uplifting and full of practical tools for everyday use. Pam manages to be wholeheartedly professional whilst always making you feel like you are talking to a good friend who just gets you! 

I was a little intimidated by the idea of the group coaching calls, but any nerves totally disappeared within a few minutes!  You can sit back and listen, take it all in and write your own notes down and just type essentially a text message when you would like to answer a question and/or join in the conversation.  But judging by our calls you will be surprised at how much you will want to participate and how easy it is to do so.  And it REALLY works so much better than I could describe here. Knowing that others have felt the same way, discussing practical strategies and listening to how others feel and the questions they have is very powerful. I found that often participants in the call were asking a question which I hadn’t thought of but quickly realised was totally applicable to me and I was desperate to hear Pam’s answer! And Pam’s answers were always so informative, well researched and so clearly articulated – I could listen to her for hours!

The course for me is having a positive impact on my life on a daily basis. The work on values helped me to see what is important to me in my life. I am able to use practical tools to make better decisions and tweaks to my life, see things from a different perspective and use self-care to make everyday a better day! There is still a way to go with this but it is amazing what I feel I have achieved in these few short weeks.  I totally recommend this course!

Anonymous, Aylesbury