Inspired by my Facebook group, and more aware than ever of the importance of resilience, I’m so excited to be running my group online coaching programme again.

I’ll be joined by fellow coach, Hannah Turner, giving you access to 2 coaches throughout the programme, and we’ll give you time, space, support and strategies to building resilience, focusing on:

🌟 Getting clear on your values

🌟 Developing a growth mindset

🌟 Boosting your confidence

🌟 Practising self-care.

The programme consists of 5 x 90 minute coaching sessions, incorporating 1:1 coaching time, and a Resilience Journal full of resources.

Interested? ClickπŸ‘‡to find out more. 

I love running workshops.

It takes me back to my days in the classroom and I love to see what a safe, supportive space can do for you – a chance to share experiences, listen to others’ stories, and practise tools and techniques that you can take away and apply to your personal and professional life.

With face-to-face workshops on hold during the current lockdown, I’ve been running online webinars for organisations, businesses, teachers and parents with a focus on:

🌟 Building resilience in times of uncertainty

🌟 Building resilience for you and those around you

🌟 Developing a growth mindset

🌟 Learning how to live with Imposter Syndrome

And even though we’re not face-to-face, the feedback remains positive:

Encouraging, thought-provoking, engaging, insightful. inspiring.”

It was great at getting me to think through things and cover different practical things you can do.

Asta – Imposter Syndrome webinar

“Inspiring. Really helpful to explore ways of moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset”

Rockpool – Growth Mindset webinar

If you want to run something similar in-house at your company, organisation or school, drop me an email or click below πŸ‘‡ and we can talk about your needs and how I can help.