Consultancy and training

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Putting people first

I am passionate about people development, supporting, motivating and inspiring organisations, teams and individuals to build resilience, grow in confidence and reach their potential.

With 14 years of experience in designing and facilitating people-focused learning and development programmes – including workshops, keynotes speeches, coaching and online resources – I use a wide range of tools to ensure the most effective strategies for embedding knowledge, skills and behaviour change.

Whether it’s 1:1, team or organisation-wide work, we can work together to develop a solution that unlocks the untapped potential in your team, creates a positive and supportive workplace, and leads to a brighter and more resilient future for your organisation.

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Pam consistently used training opportunities to enhance the ability of staff to develop their resilience, emotional intelligence and confidence in taking on new challenges and responding creatively to the demands of teaching. 

Pam Gale – Art Teacher and Head of House, Beaconsfield High School