My 1:1 coaching work builds on 14 years supporting individuals in education, helping them with their personal and professional development, leadership development, confidence, overcoming stuckness, building resilience and finding clarity and direction.

Whether we’re working in person, over Skype, or even walking together, my approach always begins with listening, to understand your current situation, actions, behaviours and thinking. Working together, we will explore:

  • your aims
  • your strengths and challenges
  • the confidence and positive mindset needed for creating real change
  • clear next steps to achieving your goals

By the end of our work together, you will know yourself better, and have both the confidence to create positive change in your life – taking on a new role, starting on a new path, overcoming personal difficulty, or perhaps achieving something that you hadn’t ever thought possible – and greater resilience.

To arrange a free Discovery call to talk about what you’re looking for from coaching, how I work and how I can support you in making positive changes, get in touch.


I felt completely safe and supported in Pam’s company and I didn’t feel any barriers to opening up to her. She gave a very clear overview at the beginning of each session detailing the confidentiality and boundaries,