Today I took myself out for a coffee – and a bit of reflection time.

A luxury you might think. Maybe. This never happened during my teaching days.

But then, those days involved a regular salary, Performance Management cycles, opportunities to take on more responsibility, to develop and grow.

And none of that happens now – unless I make it happen.

This September marks 2 years since I resigned from my job as an Assistant Headteacher, and 1 year since I started my own business. It’s been a huge learning curve, and building in time for reflection has become an essential part of my new working life.

When I make time for reflection – something I now make time for every month – I celebrate my learning and my achievements over the past month, and think about what I want to do next. And it’s only when I get going, past the first awkward couple of lines or bullet points on my list, that I stop focusing on all the things I haven’t done, and start feeling pretty bloody proud of everything I have done. And it’s a practice I now encourage the members of my FB group Resilient Women to do every week.¬†

So what about you?

Whether your focus is parenting, running your own business, starting a new job, managing a promotion, starting to think about returning to work, or ‘simply’ getting from one day to the next, what did you do in September to make you feel proud?

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